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My Lica is a revolutionary data management software, quick access to your new and existing data, sales management, employee performance tracking.

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This is the best software which will be very useful for you for managing your business and the data of your company. You can also manage each and every information related to your employees and their work progress. It also helps you to save your time and utilize it efficiently. As we know that managing data is not an simple task specially when you are running a big company on a big level. So in such scenario this software will help you a lot. You can easily search the data in this software even small details such as phone number, name even with the single word as well.

  • Manage all your data in one software
  • Checkout the daily performance of your employees
  • Flexibile in nature
  • Easy to use
  • Full support
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Key of features, this a reason why choose My LICA

  • Fully responsive
    This is one of the best software when it comes to responsiveness, it updates you with new notification instantly about every customer that visits on our website and takes the quote or book the job with us.
  • Easy to customize
    The best thing of this software is that you can make changes in this software according to your preference. Like after booking the job they can let us know if they want to make any change in their job.
    One of the most benificial thing of this software is that you can easily check the status of your job or you can track each and every information about your job easily.
    You can manage each and every information in this software easily such as : customer's contact details or their address e.t.c.

    Data of the customer is totally safe in this software. No one can get the information of any customer or any job except the customer himself by whom the job has been booked.
How it work...?

You only need to follow a simple process to sign up for a account with a valid Email address. You will get all the information on your email via a confirmation mail.


After you have signed up with a valid email address you will received a login id and password on your email address by which you can access your secure account.


After signing in into your account, you are ready to access the data of your customers and take the necessary actions.


$ 30

2 User/Month

  • Update
  • Commercial use
  • Support
  • Daily Report
$ 60

6 User/Month

  • Update
  • Commercial use
  • Support
  • Daily Report
$ 99

10 User/Month

  • Update
  • Commercial use
  • Support
  • Daily Report
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